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People who appear as driver and second driver in the rental contract, provided they are over 25 years old and have held a B driving license or equivalent for more than 2 years.

In the case of non-residents of the EU, they must be in possession of the international driving license.

The one that allows driving cars, vans and, in general, vehicles whose maximum authorized mass does not exceed 3,500 kg

Yes, as long as the vehicle is properly parked and not camped, or expressly prohibited by municipal order. We recommend downloading the park4night application to plan your preferred places to spend the night.

Parking: parking the vehicle without exceeding the road markings limiting the parking area, or the temporary limitation of the same, if any. It is not relevant the fact that its occupants are inside the motorhome.

Camping: the fact of taking one or more chairs or a table outside, extending awnings or opening the foot to enter the motorhome, opening skylights or windows as long as they exceed the perimeter of the vehicle, as well as pouring any type of fluid outside.

The delivery and return will take place in our facilities, in Carrer de la Alimentación núm 3 in Palma.

In case the client wants to hire a transfer/pick up service at the airport, it will have an additional cost of 50 eur each way, unless the reservation is more than 5 days, which will be free of charge.

Motorhomes are delivered from 8:00 am and returned until 8:00 pm, although we are flexible and do our best to adapt to the needs of our customers.

Mainly to height, paying special attention to bridges, balconies, height limiters at gas stations, parking lots, toll booths, as well as tree branches.

Special care should also be taken when reversing. The motorhome has a camera and reversing sensors, although it is recommended that a companion gets out of the vehicle to help with the maneuvers depending on the available space and visibility.

Our motorhomes have a tank of 100-120 liters of clean water. There is a control panel, whose operation will be explained on the day of delivery of the motorhome, where you can check the state of the tank.

Yes, our motorhomes have static heating which supplies hot water and heating through propane gas.

In principle, at any gas station with a water tank. We recommend downloading the Park4night app to find the nearest available locations.

The motorhome must be returned in the same conditions of delivery, clean inside and with the clean water tank full, and the waste water (grey water) and toilet (black water) tanks empty.

Otherwise, a supplement of 25 € will be charged for filling the fresh water tank and emptying the waste water (grey water) tank, 50 € for emptying the WC (black water) tank, and/or 25 € for cleaning the interior.

The fuel tank is delivered full and must be returned, otherwise a surcharge of 20 € plus the amount of fuel at market price will be charged.

The emptying of toilet and grey water, and the refilling of the clean water tank is done in the places provided for this purpose. We recommend downloading the Park4night application to find the nearest designated places. We recommend downloading the Park4night app to find the nearest available locations.

The batteries are recharged when they are connected to the mains or just by driving. Our motorhomes are equipped with a solar panel for recharging, so there is no need to recharge the batteries. There is a control panel, whose operation will be explained on the day of delivery of the motorhome, where you can check the status of the batteries

Si. The refrigerator has three different power sources, which allow it to always be in operation: 12v when the vehicle is running, propane gas in “free camping” mode, and 220v when connected to a power grid.

Deposit of 900€ for motorhomes and 700€ for campers That is to say, all damages to the motorhome during the rental period of less than 900 € that are the renter’s fault will be deducted from the security deposit.

It is recommended to contact us and, in turn, sign a friendly accident report with the parties involved in the accident to expedite the process and to assess the damage with the insurance to proceed to the return of the corresponding part of the deposit if necessary.

If necessary, the insurance includes a travel assistance service.

The amount of the deposit is paid by credit/debit card at the time of delivery of the motorhome and upon signing the rental contract.

The deposit is returned on the same credit/debit card once it has been verified that there are no damages or flaws at the moment of returning the motorhome.

In the event that there are damages or flaws, the deposit is retained until the damages have been assessed. Once the damages have been assessed, they are deducted from the amount of the deposit and the corresponding difference is returned to the lessee.

No. It is totally forbidden.

Pets are allowed upon request.

No. It is totally forbidden. Passengers must be properly seated and wearing their seat belts as in any other vehicle.

To enjoy your experience in Mallorca the rates include unlimited mileage.

To embark the motorhome and enjoy your experience in Mainland, Portugal, Andorra, and Southern Europe daily rates include a 200km/day limitation. Additional mileage will be charged at 0,25€/km.


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